But what is strength without a double share of wisdom?  - John Milton

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At Slow FORM, you won’t hear loud, pumping music, instead the serene half hour private, or semi-private, workouts are designed for you to reach failure by lifting weights on a slow 10-count, lowering weights on a 10-count, and continuing to push for 10 seconds after you can no longer move the weights. In this case, failure is success.

For those skeptical of a weekly 30-minute workout, Linehan is quick to note the advantage of Slow FORM.

“With once a week of strength training you can spend the rest of the week doing recreational sports, whatever brings you joy. That helps keep you sane, and with sensible eating, eating foods that aren’t processed, reducing your intake of sugar and caffeine, and getting a proper amount of rest, sleeping at night and not overtraining, you’ll feel better. Slow FORM of movement really helps reduce body fat and keeps you stronger in a really efficient way.”

With the three pillars of Slow FORM being exercise, nutrition and rest between exercise bouts, every workout is actually tailored to suit the individual client’s needs. 

By Jose Martinez
for LA Dine N Club



Slow Form Malibu and Kathryn's expertise and training have literally changed my life! As an active, professional woman, mother of three teenage sons, and not into pumping iron, I wanted a fitness program with elegance and grace that would fit with my busy schedule. 

After 6 months with Kathryn my strength and vitality are profoundly changed and I feel fitter and stronger in my body than I ever have. I highly recommend Slow Form for those who want to feel and look tremendous from the inside out and remain on the Zen side of fitness!

Thank you so much.

Cassandra Ogier Lehel.

CEGE & Bareback Somatic Horse Riding®Trainer

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