Customized exercise routines to enhance your quality of life
What is your vision of optimal health?

To customize your routine, we begin with your medical history, your fitness lifestyle, and body composition analysis. These elements help you to define your goals and create a plan of action.

All of these goals are attainable with our safe and proven approach to wellness
  • increasing your muscle mass and raising your body's metabolic rate 
  • stabilizing and protecting your joints
  • preventing injuries
  • generating lean muscle mass to "burn" excess body fat
  • increasing your range of motion
Keep your fitness program fresh and vibrant through each season with a three-month plan of action.

To help you maintain a home or travel routine, we can create customized video or pictorial journals to help track your progress.

We help you be strong, lean and flexible.
It's that simple.

FORMSM is a multisensory learning process

Let us help you to be fit and healthy in your body, and in your mind, and in spirit. Parallel to your physical exercise, we can help you learn steps for a deeper sense of rest and renewal.

Integrate breath and movement with reflection and stillness. From literature, lyrics, poetry or scripture, we help you hone a regular meditation practice that is tailored to your daily living.

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