Kathryn Linehan – Founder of FORM, ACSM Personal Trainer 

With over 20 years experience in the fields of sports medicine, finance and film, Kathryn empowers people to find renewal in heart, mind, and body

An ACSM certified personal trainer and body therapist, Kathryn was transformed by Pilates over 15 years ago and became a master teacher at health clubs in the Seattle region. She founded Studio Ignite and created the practice of FORM in 2001, and now has integrated the "slow FORM" strengthen and stretch process to her teaching. FORM has been taught at Pepperdine University since January of 2006 and used in research for the effect of exercise on brain function. As FORM was being developed, Kathryn served as managing director of the American Repertory Dance Company, working with prominent dancers and choreographers. FORM is licensed to Remuda Ranch, the leading facility in the US for treatment of eating disorders. The FORM program continues to grow, with certified instructors throughout the US.

Kathryn's business training was with Mellon Bank in wealth management, Well's Fargo's Commercial Bank, and in sales management with Xerox. As a filmmaker with a degree from UCSB, Kathryn has produced over 20 documentaries including, “Children of Afghanistan” (Sundance Festival, 2001) and “Voices in Wartime” (2005). Along with training private clients at Slow FORM, Kathryn is the Manager of the Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine University to be a catalyst in creating entertainment for the (un)common good.

Carrie Kim - Founder, Slow FORM Malibu

Having practiced the "Power of 10" technique and experiencing first-hand the immediate increase of muscle mass and decrease in percentage body fat for nearly 10 years, in 2007 Carrie opened Malibu Slow Training LLC and the Inform Fitness Studios in Malibu

Balancing a real estate management career with her family life, Carrie enjoys skiing and other mountain sports with her husband, Mark, and two sons, Ben and Harry.  She finds that the "slow form" practice of strength training conditions her for high altitude sports. Going from sea level to altitude, Carrie can enjoy whatever sport she chooses with just a 30-minute conditioning session each week.


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